OneMillionOfUs is mobilizing one million young people to vote in the 2020 election.

We are an initiative which is mobilizing a new generation to be united to vote through the major youth social movements collaborating as one powerful political youth voting movement which will bring together 1 million+ energized and civically engaged young people from all across in the world in the 2020 Presidential election and beyond.

“I am certain that energized young voters can make a difference...but only if they vote their values at the ballot box.”
— Stacey Abrams

Who We Are

OneMillionOfUs is an international youth-led, youth voting & advocacy organization from empowering young people to be active participants in their democracies. Learn about our organization, our mission, and how we will to engage one million young voters in the next elections.

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We’re mobilizing and empowering young people everywhere to vote and make change.


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Be part of the movement of one million energized and civically engaged young people from across the countries. Let’s show our elected representatives the power of the youth vote. Stay informed by following our social pages.